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Can I get German/Italian channels on Sky Digital?

Can I get German/Italian channels on Sky Digital?

Can I get German/Italian channels on Sky Digital?
published on UK Free TV

No, I am afraid not. You will need to have your dish pointing at the Astra 1 satellites at 19.2°E to receive the German services. The UK services are on the Astra/Hotbird satellites at 28.2°E

You will need a dish pointed at the Hot Bird 2 at 13.0°E satellite to get Italian channels such as:

RAI Uno, RAI Due, RAI Tre, RAI Med, Canale Lavoro, RAI Edu 1, RAI Mosaico, RAI News 24, Camera dei Deputati, TelePace, RAI Sport Satellite, RAI Nettuno Sat Due, RAI Edu 2, RAI Nettuno Sat Uno, Sat 2000, Italia 1, Canale 5, Rete 4 and Senato Italiano.

Listing for RAI channels can be found RAI TV listings.

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Thursday, 8 September 2011
9:04 PM

Thank you Briantist for your reply !!!

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Ali's 2 posts GB
Thursday, 15 September 2011
11:13 PM
Milton Keynes

I need to know if I positioned my satellite dish to point to Eutelsat or any other satellite transmitters and use my Sky HD box, will I be able to receive any of the channels these satellite broadcast?

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moses's 1 post GB
Friday, 16 September 2011

8:05 AM

moses: Not easily, the Sky HD box is designed to work with the channels on the Astra 2 satellite cluster.

If you want to watch from other satellites, use a "generic" satellite receiver.

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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB
Friday, 9 March 2012
4:59 PM

I do not yet have a satellite receiver, but do have 2 satellite dishes left by previous owners. One of these was in use about 18 months ago.
I am interested in receiving Freesat broadcasts and free to air broadcasts from other countries.
From reading other's questions I suspect I need a generic receiver rather than a freesat receiver. Can you confirm this.
Would I get an EPG for all of the channels?

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John's 1 post GB
Sunday, 11 March 2012

1:53 PM

surgest you Find a specialist satellite outlet you'll know when you have found one as they should know all about horizon to horizon mounts and the releated equipment as well and how to install them, this task I did for my own use in the early 90's pre digital with a 1 mitre dish on a H to H mount to receive pan European KU band the system was a using a Swedish microwave LNB and a Drake indoor unit. If you go the H to H route search for a publication by Mr John Breeds he has written many books on this subject in the past he predates DVD recorder so in any circuit diagram be prepared to substitute today's tech in place of the VCR. I used a small guide he produced it may have been a chapter from one of his books even that explained how to align a H-H dish using almost no maths (Trig) Then the basic principle was to pre tune indoor unit to Ria Uno also with correct polarity settings then adjust the dish inclination angle to that of Eutelsat 1F2 at 10 degrees east feed O/P to a TV out of the rain if any that could be seen from dish. My mount let me swing dish by hand so once some sort of signal from Rai Uno was seen the various tweaks of the dish adjustment fine tune (mechanical placement i.e. where it is precisely pointing towards) has to be done. This had to be repeated many times for each satellite gradually making the dish track the Clark belt (the curved line on which the satellites are placed in geostationary obit as seen from the UK). This is why trig gets involved because on the equator it would be a straight line see its all about the earths shape and tilt on its axis and where you're aiming from. I managed to get discovery from Intelsat at 27 west pretty well back then. If this seem a lot of trouble it was a way to save £200 on installation in 1991 and you had to have patience and persistence but once done you knew how to re-tweak dish it being very useful after any gale. Just how well this method can be adapted to apply to digital tuners I do not know. Good luck and work safe with ladders

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Graham.F.Lewendon's 29 posts GB
Friday, 16 March 2012

11:35 PM

RAI and other Italian channels are on 13°E, most of the time FTA.For full FTA, a tivu sat-box and activation with a bona-fide codice fiscal are needed. See other related postings on this site. All the main German channels are FTA on 19°E. You could use one dish for each and switch between them on the sat receiver. The signals are strong enough for patience to result in success for both using trial and error when gently moving the dishes from 28°E westwards and slightly upwards. I you prefer to use professional services, make sure they are competent for non-Sky installation!

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michael's 857 posts GB
Tuesday, 20 March 2012
9:59 AM

I have just moved back from Bavaria last year I have a sky Germany receiver and want to receive the channels in the UK as my girlfriend is German, is this possible as she wants some of the channels like Heimat Kanal and others which you have to subscribe to in Germany? many thanks

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Tom's 1 post GB
Wednesday, 21 March 2012

9:18 AM

Everything receivable in Germany, including HD, should be receivable in the UK. There just might be an issue with subscription channels if there were legal restrictions - unless registering from an address in Germany. Check and for full details.

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michael's 857 posts GB
Saturday, 23 June 2012
10:21 PM

can you tell me do i have to turn or move my dish to get the german channels that i used to get before they turned them off ' i am using a old sky reciever is this still ok to use or do i have to get new one as well.
thank you.

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mike's 1 post GB
Thursday, 2 August 2012
8:43 AM

mike: You'll need to move your dish or install another one that points at 19 degrees East as German channels are on that Astra Satellite. In addition sky boxes are restricted on their symbol rate settings. Best to buy a cheap STB from Maplin or similar. Most Italian channels will be found on Hotbird at 13 degrees East.

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Roger's 20 posts GB
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