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What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART) ?

What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART) ?

What connections are used from set top box to TV (such as SCART
published on UK Free TV

You can use the following ways to connect a set-top box to a TV:

1. SCART on STB to SCART on TV. This provides the best possible connection, with stereo sound and "RGB" highest quality connection;

2. SCART on STB to composite on TV. Older TVs without SCART connections usually have "composite" inputs, usually three "phono" sockets (often red, white and yellow). This offers stereo sound and good picture quality. You will need a special cable from a high-street retailer.

3. UHF ("aerial lead") box to TV. This requires that the STB you choose (all Sky, MOST Freeview) has a UHF output. You will need to "tune" the TV into the box, and you will get OK pictures and only mono sound.

If you are stuck with mono or poor quality sound on the TV, you can still use the SCART output (and the same cable as 2) to a separate amplifier to listen in stereo.

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Monday, 19 August 2013
5:29 PM

Hi I have a Technika HD ready tv and have just purchased a bush 320gb digital tv recorder freeview, when I plugm in the HDMI lead from box to telly have good qualitity picture but no sound ,
have put a scart lead and hdmi lead into box and telly and we have sound, can you tell me why this would be.

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mike's 1 post GB

5:57 PM

mike: Try another HDMI cable, or at least check that the lead is properly inserted. You normally get the problem of picture but no sound with a badly fitting scart, not HDMI!

You certainly should only need the HDMI, not both.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Sunday, 8 September 2013
Julie Rainbird
9:50 AM

I have a samsung 40" tv which is working well. I want to connect a Fortec Star Passion+ to it. What connections do I use please?

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Julie Rainbird's 2 posts GB

11:47 AM

Julie Rainbird: It seems to have both scart and HDMI, so use HDMI if possible.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Monday, 18 November 2013
12:16 AM


i have purchased a sony smart tv it will come in two weeks time it's 42 W6 smart sony what I would like to know if my DVD recorder which is parasonic will work it records HDD programmes and films that I can watch later

don't say I have to go out and buy a blueray too I have it's all DVD discs I have

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Gillian's 1 post GB

7:05 AM

Gillian : yes it will work,i have sony tv and Panasonic dvd recorder it works fine.

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sharealam's 224 posts EU

8:00 AM

Gillian : Don't worry, the recorder will connect very easily. Although the W653 (?) does have a single scart, it does have two HDMI's ( three is the average for this type of tv, so it's actually a bit skimpy), and since your recorder has an hdmi connection, use that.
HDMI cables are very cheap (and you only need 2D/1.3) anyway, something for less than five pounds should be fine. Use only the hdmi, and remove the scart. The hdmi cable will allow the recorder to 'upscale' your DVDs and recorded programmes, so they will look better on your new tv.
As for blu ray - a perfectly suitable player for you would be the Samsung 5100 - only £49.95 at the moment, and , like all blu rays, plays cd's and dvd's as well (and is smart) .
However, many people these days tend to buy a sound bar first.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Sunday, 8 December 2013
3:38 PM

I have channels but no sound I have the volumes turned up can anyone help

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lisa's 1 post GB
Thursday, 24 April 2014
10:35 AM

I have a humax set top box for recording and it has stopped working except for the time and menu,its 5 years old does it need replacing? its a pvr 9300t and in consant use

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david's 1 post GB
jamie stevens

5:06 PM


In my experience a pvr 5 years old has done well to last that long.

There like a computer, the more you save on them and delete, the slower they tend to work over time, then eventually they pack up working.


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jamie stevens's 207 posts GB
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